FİMAK, was founded in 1976 by young entrepreneur engineer Vedat Özpınar. He started his manufacturing life by making a moulding machine in an 80m2 workplace. Fimak, which has taken its machinery and equipments to the product range one by one with the following years, moved to 4000 m2 in Konya 2nd Industrial Site in 1991. Expanding its production area, Fimak exported its first machine in 1995 and started to represent our country internationally. Fimak has accelerated its work since the mid 90's by expanding its product range in the world by following the technological developments in its sector and has continued to develop rapidly by producing machines such as rotary kiln, stone-based multi-deck oven, steampipe oven. As a natural result of this development, Fimak has continued its production in 2010 with the completion of its new factory investment and its production in a modern factory operating on a total area of ​​45.000 m2.

   Fimak Makina continues its activities in its new production facilities in the fields of heat technology and pulp technology without increasing the quality and continuous development approach.

   Today, Fimak continues to provide bakery machines to bakery, bakery, restaurant chains, cafes, hotels, catering areas. Finally, it started to serve in the area of ​​gastronomy with its gastronomy oven, Fimak Retros, which developed by our engineers in 2016.

  Fimak, in July 2017 qualified as R&D center approved by Ministry of Industry and Technology. Moving on with its philosophy of continuous innovation, Fimak, exports to 65 countries around the world with its investments in production technology. In addition, Fimak, has been operating in the US market with the company it founded in the United States.

   Fimak, contributes in terms of education. In the food sector, Fimak also undertaking social responsibility projects in the sense of training of future chefs and masters. In this direction, Fimak Makina has brought "Vedat Özpınar Baking and Pastry Application Cuisine" to the Göynük Culinary Arts Vocational High School, which is located in Akdeniz University in October 2017. In this way, it provides the opportunity to educate the people who will provide knowledgeable and well-equipped work force to the sector.

   Fimak, never compromise with quality equipment, quality products and absolute customer satisfaction principles, and as a company constantly renewing itself for those who have experienced these principles and have always succeed to keep quality at the top.   

   Fimak Makina has established its corporate values ​​as a firm while proceeding with steps towards the future. Fimak will continue to provide service to leading companies and to the young entrepreneurs with the motivation to work, to be reliable, to not compromise in quality, to be competitive, to pursue continuous development and all these consequences.